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Mom’s The Word


A hysterically funny and deeply touching play, it deals in shocking detail with all the important elements of childrearing; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Humourous, emotional, ecstatic and hysterical, Mom’s the Word is a chorus line of confessional anecdotes and vignettes combined to create the mother of all comedies. Without the rose-coloured lens treatment, Mom’s the Word is a hilarious, intimate look at motherhood.

Touching, vivid tales of giving birth to a premature baby are balanced against comic, ribald stories of diaper soup and sex after children. All six moms have two children, suffer from sleep deprivation, and have some of the most outrageous stories you’ve ever heard – all of them true. It is group therapy like never before.

Mom’s The Word has had a full gestation period going back to conception in the spring of 1993. Six Vancouver women who had once been exciting, glamorous and professional actors were now exhausted, bedraggled amateur mothers with ten children under six between them. They decided to get together to write a show about motherhood. They met regularly on Saturday mornings with their children. They talked, they laughed, they whined, they complained and they laughed some more. Suddenly their first performance was just three weeks away. Although they had nothing on paper, they felt enormously better about their children, their skills as mothers and their lives in general. They had reinvented group therapy. Luckily, in the ancient tradition of oral history, they remembered each other’s stories and Mom’s the Word was born. The show took its first baby steps at the Vancouver festival Women in View. Over a decade later and more than 2,500 performances to over one million people, Mom’s the Word has crossed the international dateline and the equator. Sequel Mom’s the Word – For Crying Out Loud includes highlights from the smash hits Mom’s the Word and Mom’s the Word 2: Unhinged (Mom’s the Word – Teenagers). 

Written By

Linda A. Carson, Jill Daum, Alison Kelly, Robin Nichol, Barbara Pollard & Deborah Williams

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Mom’s The Word Collective

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Producer & Managing Agent

Mom’s the Word is Available for Licensing

Mom’s the Word is a beautifully crafted show, full of warm, tragic-comedy rhythm of life and absolutely impossible to dislike…providing one of the funniest and most enjoyable girls’ nights out currently on offer in Britain.

Joyce McMillan, The ScotsmanGlasgow, UK

A blisteringly funny and perceptive piece of theatre… (a) wickedly funny account of motherhood that nobody should miss…

The StageLondon, UK

Get ready for the screams, laughter, tears and gasps of recognition… (Mom’s The Word) is funny and brilliantly executed…a theatrical first.

Vancouver SunVancouver, Canada

The mother of all shows! Mom’s the Word is a great night out – away from the kids.

The Herald Sun Sydney, Australia

Oh, baby, this new comedy strikes the mother lode of laughter…a hilarious coup de theatre that you have to see for yourself.

The Daily MailLondon, UK

…the way the creators have used their experiences and insights to communicate a whole world of emotions and discoveries means this cabaret can be appreciated and embraced by a much broader audience of men and women. Just don’t forget your Kleenex. The tears are never too far behind the laughter in this one.

Barbara Crook, The Vancouver Sun Vancouver, Canada

…All the stories have the ring of truth and hilarious familiarity, and are cunningly arranged in a structure that is both satisfying and theatrical.

Michael Coveney, The Daily Mail London, UK

It’s back – this side-splittingly funny collection of stories about motherhood…

The Evening TimesGlasgow, UK

…your face will hurt from laughing at the brutal reality of Mom’s the Word

The Sunday Herald SunSydney, Australia

…hysterical, possibly shocking, definitely moving…

Chicago FootlightsChicago, USA

…roars of delighted recognition…

The London TimesLondon, UK

Production History

Originally produced in Canada, where the authors live, the play has had five sell-out seasons in Vancouver, completed four Canadian tours, and played to a resounding sell-out crowd at the 2001 Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. The original Moms got together again for a two-month run in Vancouver in 2002 – their third visit to the theatre where it all began, The Arts Club Theatre. Since 1996, Mom’s the Word and its sequels have been performed to more than 200,000 people across its native country.

Since its conception, Mom’s the Word has become one of the most popular shows ever to be produced in Australia where it has been performed over 700 times. Premiering in 1998 at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the show was a theatrical triumph. The Australian version of Mom’s the Word went on to break box office records all over the country, had five national tours and a New Zealand Tour, and the show was celebrated with an extended run at the prestigious Sydney Opera House. Mom’s the Word has now been seen by nearly half a million people in Australia and New Zealand.

Mom’s the Word had its UK premiere in the spring of 2002. Again, the show was a huge success, selling out many performances in advance at all venues, before beginning a four week run at the historic King’s Theatre, Glasgow. The only show to play a longer season in Glasgow was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats. The subsequent Scottish Tour set new box office records for numbers of tickets sold and speed of sales at all Scottish venues.

In the spring of 2003, Mom’s the Word debuted in London’s West End at the renowned Albery Theatre with a stellar cast which included Imogen Stubbs, Cathy Tyson as well as one of the authors – Barbara Pollard.

Since 2002, there have been 10 National Tours of the UK and Ireland, playing to sold out house from coast to coast in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland.  These tours have routinely featured TV celebrities from such shows as Coronation Street, and continue to play to rapturous audiences.  Mom’s the Word has been performed over 750 times in the UK to more than 400,000 people.

Three American companies have brought the hilarity of motherhood to audiences in Chicago, Minneapolis and Houston. There have also been productions in Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Mexico, South Korea, South Africa, and Italy and there are preparations for productions in Lithuania, France, Spain Argentina, Brazil, and South America.

These Moms keep giving birth to new productions across the globe.

Won 2 Jessie Richardson Awards (Vancouver’s Theatre Awards) for Outstanding Original Play and Best Collective Creation & Performance
Ran for 10 months at The Arts Club Vancouver – 4 runs over 7 years
Ran for 171 performances in Melbourne, Australia – 7 runs over 5 years
Ran for 4 months in Chicago – 2 runs over 3 years
4 National Tours in Canada – 450+ performances to 100,000+ people

6 National Tours in Australia & NZ – 700+ performances to 450,000+ people

10 National Tours in UK/Ireland – 700+ performances to 400,000+ people

Ran for 3 months in London’s West End Played to over 1 million people

Mom’s the Word 2: Unhinged

After 10 years of international success, the creators of Mom’s the Word  are back with a new hit production. Older and wider, this time they bring their hilarious tales of torment and teenagers!

The Moms (Jill Daum, Alison Kelly, Robin Nichol, Barbara Pollard and Deborah Williams) tackle trickier tests and raging hormones with intense humour, bringing everyone back into the fray of the world’s oldest unpaid profession.

Mom’s the Word 2 – Unhinged rides the same rollercoaster of emotions of everyday life with teens, poking fun at everything from trying to referee warring siblings to unfortunate experiments with alcohol and that awkward first talk about the birds, the bees, and latex. With sometimes painful honesty, the Moms also face head-on the issues of aging, the spectre of cancer, and marriage upheavals. And don’t worry if you haven’t seen the first Mom’s the Word  – or if you aren’t a mom. You’ll still find that you only relate to EVERYTHING!  Anyone who has ever been, or currently has, once had or plans ever to have teenagers must see this show for the horrific, joyful, absurd and often hilarious truths it tells about parenthood.

Written By

Jill Daum, Alison Kelly, Robin Nichol, Barbara Pollard & Deborah Williams

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Mom’s The Word Collective

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Producer & Managing Agent

The Show is Definitely a Winner...

Sunday Herald Sun Melbourne, Australia

Stellar play about raising teens shares hilarious truths.

The Province Vancouver, Canada

It's a night of comedy that no self-respecting mum can afford to miss. ...Amid (the) exuberant jollity are vignettes...that are breathtakingly poignant and close to the bone. It's these moments of enriching empathy that turn Mum's the Word Teenagers into more than an enjoyable satire.

The Age Melbourne, Australia

Spread the word - Mom's the Word has just delivered a sequel that's not only as bright and bouncy as the original, but brighter and bouncier.

The Vancouver Sun Vancouver, Canada

...this show earns every belly laugh and mid-scene round of applause for its fearless and honest portrayal of modern motherhood. They've revealed our secrets, but it's well worth the laugh.

Monday Publications Victoria, BC, Canada

The audience laughs and groans in unison at the familiarity of the horror stories about teens.

Sunday Herald Sun Melbourne, Australia

The Birth

When we first started the Mom’s the Word  project…let’s face it, it was an excuse to get out of the house once a week.  We spent our entire budget on babysitting.  As our first performance loomed our expectations were not very high – we figured as long as our audience was other moms with kids the same age as ours they’d at least know what we were talking about, but everyone else would surely find this a great big bore.  We were prepared for a short run and a quick return to “normal” life.  Instead, we were greeted by an amazing outpouring from everyone in our audiences – understanding, connection, sympathy and laughter – a whole lot of laughter.  And success.

Mom’s the Word turned into a giant snowball rolling down a hill with us chasing behind it.  We adapted, sometimes quickly and sometimes not, but we eventually turned ourselves into a business, and we became that most rare of entities – a Canadian Theatrical Success, and THEN a Canadian International Theatrical Success.  What started out as the plain unvarnished truth of our personal lives became something to be discussed and dissected in a rehearsal hall, sometimes in languages we didn’t understand.

We were occasionally asked to make changes – to cut, to add, to make things funnier.  In other countries some things didn’t make sense, and some jokes didn’t work. We found that even the title only really worked in Canada because we spell it “mom” but we pronounce it “mum”.  The best decision we ever made was always to cast actors who were mothers themselves.  They knew what we were talking about, and they knew their own audience and their own community.  They never steered us wrong.

10 years went by amazingly quickly.  We all went on to other projects, sometimes even other professions, but we always stayed in touch as friends as well as business partners.  And these kids!  Half of them are taller than half of us.  We look at them now and we think…those first couple of years were a PIECE OF CAKE!  What did we have to worry about?  Keeping them alive!?  How hard was that compared to what we’re dealing with now?

So it seemed like a good time to start writing again.  Actually none of us had stopped, so it seemed like a good idea to think about a new show.   Sequels are scary.  You’re either too much like the first one, not enough like the first one or just not as good as the first one.   We decided to compare ourselves to ourselves as little as humanly possible, and we decided that our best bet was to stick to the original spirit of Mom’s the Word – tell the truth no matter how humiliating.   So far, so good.

Production History

Like its predecessor, Mom’s the Word 2 – Unhinged had its world premiere at the Arts Club Theatre in Vancouver, Canada.  The creators performed in the production which opened in the fall of 2005 to rave reviews, standing ovations and a sold-out run.  During its first year of life in Canada, Mom’s the Word 2 was performed 125 times to over 40,000 people and an average of 90% venue capacity.

Before Mom’s the Word 2 had even played its first performance, it had generated buzz amongst producers in Australia and the UK, both territories where the original play continues to enjoy tremendous success.  By the summer of 2006, Burberry Productions was in full production mode in Melbourne, Australia and in mid August the OZ premiere opened to unprecedented advanced sales for a non-musical stage production.  Mum’s the Word Teenagers (as it’s titled in Australia and the UK) ran for 3 months and played to over 55,000 people.

Simultaneously, Robert Kelly Productions was developing the first European production in Glasgow and Dundee, which opened in the fall to a similarly ecstatic reception of critical raves and audience excitement.

Mom’s the Word 2 / Mum’s the Word Teenagers continues to be revived throughout the world, with productions ongoing or in development in Canada, Australia the UK and Ireland.

Since its premier in 2005, Mom’s the Word 2 – Unhinged has been performed to more than 250,000 people across three continents, and with each passing year, these Moms keep unhinging new productions across the globe.

Mom’s the Word: For Crying Out Loud

“Every day I start out Mary Poppins but I end up Cruella de Vil.”

From tots to teens the Moms have tackled them all and now they are back! The shockingly funny Moms reunite to bring us highlights from the smash hits Mom’s the Word and Mom’s the Word 2: Unhinged, their globetrotting, multi award-winning comedies. They’ve touched hearts and tickled funny bones from Australia to London’s West End with their true stories of the heartache and joy of motherhood. New mom or grandmother, male or female, the Moms will move you to laughter and put a lump in your throat.

Written By

Linda A. Carson, Jill Daum, Alison Kelly, Robin Nichol, Barbara Pollard & Deborah Williams

Producing Partners

Mom’s The Word Collective

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Producer & Managing Agent

★★★★ A standing ovation at a show this week was proof enough that it doesn’t matter whether you’ve seen the first two versions of 'Mom’s The Word', these women will make you laugh, perhaps cry, certainly reminisce, but mostly just feel good to know you aren’t alone in the challenges and curves life throws at you...There is not a weak or wasted moment in this two-hour show that should not be missed.

Joe Belanger, The London Free PressLondon, ON, Canada

The material feels no less fresh or clever and it remains screamingly funny. I can’t remember an audience enjoying itself as much. And I was right in there laughing my head off. : Anyone who currently has, once had, or plans ever to have children should see this show for the horrible, hilarious truths it tells about parenting—and for the remarkably astute and talented women who’ve turned messy motherhood into achingly funny art.

Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver PlaysVancouver, Canada

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. Your heart will be full. No wonder the first two shows in this semiautobiographical series have become international hits...This is the real deal.

Colin Thomas, The Georgia StraightVancouver, Canada

There were delicately poignant, heartfelt, lump-in-your-throat parts. But then there were wonderfully hilarious, rip roaring 'did they just say/do that?' moments. It all contributed to a fantastic roller coaster ride that left me wanting more.

The Vancouver ProvinceVancouver, Canada

Comedy and poignancy coexist very comfortably in the cluttered fridge-and-washing-machine world of Mom’s the Word, even if real life doesn’t always tie things up at the end quite as comfortably.

Bob Clark, Calgary HeraldAlberta, Canada

Production History

Twenty years ago, six professional actors found themselves fully employed but ironically unpaid in the shocking role of “new mothers”. They began meeting once a week to create a piece of theatre they hoped would explode some of the mommy-myths they’d encountered. There had been lots written about the glory of motherhood but little of the gory bits. They talked, they laughed, they cried, they whined, they complained, they laughed some more but they didn’t get anything down on paper. With a deadline looming, in the tradition of oral history, they remembered each other’s stories and decided on which stories HAD to be told. Thus was born Mom’s the Word.

The show became an instant success at home in Vancouver and went on to become an international sensation. To date, Moms the Word has united parents in 17 different countries and has been translated into 11 languages.

As their children grew older and taller, the “moms” grew older and wider. Suddenly thrust into the world of teenagers they again sought protection, using the only tool they had: Public Exposure! This second show was called Mom’s The Word 2: Unhinged.

Now the “Moms” have combined both shows in Moms the Word: For Crying Out Loud to give you the full journey of parenting from “the toothless to the ruthless.” 

Mom’s the Word:  For Crying Out Loud was originally produced with the title ‘Mom’s the Word – Remixed’ in Vancouver, BC in 2009 at the Arts Club Theatre Company (Granville Island Stage).