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Tom Allen Productions

PAST EVENT: From Weimar to Vaudeville – Tom Allen Productions @ Burlington Performing Arts Centre (ON), November 11, 2018

By March 1, 2017November 21st, 2018No Comments
From Weimar to VaudevilleTom Allen Productions

November 11, 2018. Community Studio Theatre at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre.

Featuring music by Richard Strauss, Fats Waller, Kurt Weill, Fletcher Henderson, Mozart, Brahms, and stunning original songs, From Weimar to Vaudeville is Tom Allen’s vivid imagining of the 20s and 30s: dirty as ever and roaring loudly enough to be heard half-way ‘round the world. America emerges from the Great Depression while Germany descends into darkness and chaos. Two brothers, princes of musical royalty, reach to each other across hardship and time as the world tilts again toward war. Featuring: Patricia O’Callaghan, Bryce Kulak, Kevin Fox, Lori Gemmell, Peter Gemmell and Tom Allen.

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